Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kind of late on this one but what the heck . . .

Accent: vaguely midwestern. Henry Higgins could probably detect subtle undertones of Southern and New York with the merest hint of British.

Booze: Red wine, hard cider---can't say I really want to repeat that late adolescent experiment with Orange Kool Aid and Everclear . . .

Chore I Hate--picking up stuff and putting it away

Dog or Cat--Cat. I like other people's dogs, though.

Electronic Necessity--cell phone and computer

Favorite Cologne--4711

Gold or Silver--silver. I'm really only just now getting back into wearing jewelry after the "can't wear it cause the baby/toddler/preschooler with grab it/choke on it/yank it and break it" years.

Home Town--Eight major moves between birth and college. Favorite growing up places were North Carolina and England.

Insomnia--yeah, off and on

Job Title--New Pastor at LA academic suburb church.


Living Arrangements: One house, one husband, one cat, two kids

Most Admirable Trait--short sermons

Number of Sexual Partners--Can't answer this one--my mom reads this blog

Overnight Hospital Stays--Tonsilectomy at age 4. Two births. Several all-nighters spent with other people in the hospital or with their families.

Phobias: Making phone calls to people I don't know very well. Thank God for e-mail!!

Quote: "I knew I shouldda taken dat left toin at Albequoiki . . ." Bugs Bunny

Religion: Yes, most days.

Sibs: Two--younger bro and sis

Time I Wake Up: I am the only night person in a family of early risers. This REALLY sucks.

Unusual Talent: Ear wiggling

Vegetable I Hate--Raw Celery

Worst Habit: Losing my keys

Xrays---teeth, chest, do ultrasounds count?? What about mamograms??

Yummy Foods I can cook: shrimp dip, rum cake, sesame noodles

Zodiac Sign: Cancer/Dragon


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~laffin~ you listed your cat before the kids!

Good list!

Quotidian Grace said...

My husband would LOVE your short sermons!!!!

SpookyRach said...

Me too, QG!

I never cease to be impressed by ear wiggling.

cheesehead said...

My favorite answer: want to hear more about orange koolaid and everclear.

Not really, but it's funny!


reverendmother said...

So glad I'm not the only one with that phobia.

And yes on night owl.

Songbird said...

What is Everclear? Sounds like a good idea to steer clear...

cheesehead said...

Everclear= cheap, pure gain alcohol. Like, a billion proof. Nasty stuff.

In Indiana, they put it in lemonade and called it "creekwater"

(pronounced "CRIK-water")

(Oops, my inner 'white trash' is showing!)

cheesehead said...



Purechristianithink said...

Would it help to know that the KoolAid/Everclear combo was served from the plastic top to my neighbor's stereo turntable??? Try THAT with an iPOD!

cheesehead said...


That's awesome!

Are you sure you're not from southern Indiana?