Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas--You're fired

Okay, not really.

But yesterday our Children's/Youth Music Director and I were having a spirited discussion about whether it was sufficient just to send the final pageant script electronically to all participants or if we needed to print up hard copies.

She felt that sending the script as an e-mail attachment was enough. "Everyone can print their own copy to bring to Saturday's rehearsal."

I argued that it was great to send the script by e-mail so folks would see it in advance, but that my guess was that one half to two thirds of the cast would forget to print the script and bring it to rehearsal with them--thus the need for hard copies.

Then Ms. Music said, "I guess we just have a generational difference regarding how much we rely on e-mail."

Ooooh. Wrong thing to say. Wrong. Especially since she is only SEVEN FREAKING YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME!

I may need to haul out the mistletoe so she can kiss my middle-aged butt.

Holiday stress much???


Teri said...

I do the vast majority of communicating with my youth through email.

They never remember to print stuff out.

Also, they generally only respond to things sent to them in hard copy, asked in person, or told them on the phone. Sure, they may get info by email but responses and action are never elicited that way.

So there--she can DEFINITELY kiss your patootie and mine--and I suspect I actually do occupy at least the half-generation after y'all...

and besides all that: who SAYS things like that out loud????

zorra said...

I read recently that the young folks (aka Kids These Days)do most of their communicating by text message now, and are totally over email. Email is apparently so over-30.

Anonymous said...

Email is so over 30. If you want to reach them, you send them a message on facebook that tells them to check their email. Or you text the lines to the pageant to them one at a time.

Bhld i brng u tidngs f gr8 joy.

And clearly she's from that other generation--you know, the one between young adults and older young adults--the one called RUDE?


ymp said...

First, PPB--LOL
and second, of course you print it out! People will forget, but this is also just a kind small way of making life easier and extending hospitality.
It's about being kind and inclusive.

Presbyterian Gal said...

*ahem* And then there's the fiscally polite side of printing it out for them. You save the the cost, wear and tear and time of printing it out themselves. If there is a budget for the pageant, this should be included.

If you're feeling generous, you could tell her to give the participants the choice. But I'll bet you'd still end up having to print them all out anyway.

Hey everybody! Let's chip in and get PCIT some fancy jeans for Christmas with a big lip print on the back pocket and "Plant It Here" embroidered on it.

Susie/Nueva Cantora said...

Wow. I do everything via email and facebook, and for crying out loud: Of COURSE you have to print hard copies, because even if people do manage to print them, they're going to forget them.

PPB totally has it right.

Gord said...

I think you are right. ANd really. Why expect people to use their ink/toner and paper to do the work of the church?

THe local hospital board e-mails all agenda and minutes. I don't print--I get hard copies from them

Sue said...

PPB and PG are cracking me up.

Print them. Tell her she kiss ALL of our butts too.

Merry effing Christmas to her. No. I'm not irritable. Why do you ask?

Songbird said...

Good grief! So rude!!

Whistle said...

thank you for not kicking her buttage then and there.

what a twerp comment for her to make to you! ewwwwwwwww

Not my cat, this is Casserole

Lorna said...

no Christmas bonus for her!

they will NOT bring it as in my experience not everyone has access to a (working) printer and many will forget or be too busy.

Mary Beth said...

Any more, my youth are telling me that they don't use e-mail...it's all myspace & stuff.

So I think she's showing HER age!!

cheesehead said...

Lump o' coal in that stocking, for sure.

Patti said...

Just because my 14 yo reads his email doesn't mean he acts on it. As for printing, he couldn't. His Mom is too cheap to buy new cartridges. I would tell him, if the church wants your talent, they have to print it out.