Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Friendly Beasts?

Hi! My name is Peanut. I'm a hamster. I was a birthday present to the little girl in this picture. I've been here in her house about a week. It's pretty nice. Clean cage. Soft bedding. Plenty of grub. Yesterday I met this creature

She seemed to really, really want to get to know me better. When the humans carried her out of little girl's room, I heard her begging and pleading to be let back in.

I have a funny feeling, though. Should I trust my instincts?


Presbyterian Gal said...

You are wise to trust your instincts, young peanut. There is likely a reason you are named after food!

(hee hee hee)

peripateticpolarbear said...

Trust your instincts!

(And thank you gerbil grandma for installing typepad friendly comments)

zorra said...

Look out, Peanut!
That creature is no friend of yours.

Rev Dave said...

Two things, Peanut:
1) That beast thinks you taste like chicken.
2) What's the over/under in the pool on how long it is until that beast gets to test out #1?