Monday, December 03, 2007

Elizabeth's Advent Reflection

Advent Greetings!

Elizabeth the Cat here. I know there is a seasonal story about an Elizabeth who receives a visit from a young relative. The story makes it sound like she was pretty happy about it. I'd like to offer an alternative interpretation. She found her young relative mostly annoying. She wished she would go back where she came from. She was really thinking, "Why my house and not Aunt Johanna's?"

It could be that my own experiences with a certain kitten are affecting my exegesis.
What do you all think????

Elizabeth the Cat


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh Elizabeth....the look on your face says it all.

Songbird said...

I think you may have something there, Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Elizabeth, there is a cat at my house who would second your exegetical assertion and then some.


Gannet Girl said...

I think that it is always important to bring our own experiences to the text.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I find your exegesis to be in perfect accord with my own!! In fact, we should share a bowl of kibble over it and see if we could find some scripture that would support exile for the upstarts!! Or at least banishment from our favorite sleeping spots!!

I think there might be something in "Pawverbs."

Lucy the Best Cat

Sue said...

...chuckling over "Pawverbs"...

We have similar exegetical interpretations in our home Elizabeth.