Sunday, December 30, 2007

May we help you?

There was an article in the LA Times the other day about how the LAPD is employing colonies of feral cats to keep the rodents at bay at certain precinct headquarters. The article subtly implied that "working cats" are a rarity.

We hope none of you are under the impression that we are cats of leisure. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We hold key positions as support staff for this household.

We keep the office under control.

We send faxes.

We run the copier--or if it fails to deliver, we sit on it and act cute.

Elizabeth the Cat
Balrog the Kitten


Presbyterian Gal said...

Let us know if you do not get benny-fits fur all this hard wirk. (Like gud treats and extry skritches) Becuz we are lawyer cats and will reppry-sent your cases.


Callie and Lucy

Gannet Girl said...

I can see that you do a fine job of maintaining efficiency and productivity.