Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Remind me cause I'm having a hard time getting there on my own:

Is there anything good about being a pastor during STewardship season?


Rev. Dulce said...

Remember "this to shall pass". It is rough season but just think about your reward to come.

cheesehead said...

I wrote a stewardship letter that had the word "sex" in it.

It doesn't get any better than that, I tell ya.

(Sometimes you've got to make your own fun.)

KnittinPreacher said...

Ours is this week - -the stewardship chair wants to eventually movie it to the spring (which, given the fact that she took all her toys and went home when people didn;t like being micromanaged, means it isn't happening!). Perhaps think of it as a chance tohighlight waht you as a church are doing really well, and take a minute to enjoy it.

My pastor's letter hinted that they had to realize that they made a commitment to a full time pastor, and now have to keep up their end of the deal.... I'm thinking I would rather had talked about sex!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

i needed a laugh today... and got it! 'tis the season... yah for rolaids.

Presbyterian Gal said...

~Like leaves falling from the trees,
so are the stewardship days of our lives.~

"Marsha, Marsha...*heavy breathing*..your tithe is What's your secret?"

*flipping back blond hair*licking crimson colored lips* "Oh John, my darling, it's so very simple. Ten percent is so much eeeeeeeasier to figure out than three or seven. And I feel so naughty undertipping!"

ellbee said...

We're actually in the midst of a series of stewardship sermons (Pastor Jefe's done 3, and I'm up for a 2nd this week)...
I work as a Fund Development professional in my day job... It's ALWAYS stewardship season in my world :)

But, here's one good thing for you: I approached my first "s-word" sermon from a non-traditional angle and got a lot of positive feedback on the different perspective challenging their thinking on giving. I figure that's a good start for a first-semester seminarian.

Last night I found out that a visitor indicated on his attendance card that he rededicated his life to Christ that Sunday. I figure that if God can do that during Stewardship season, we serve a mighty God indeed!

Songbird said...

There must be something wrong with me. I *like* Stewardship season!