Saturday, May 05, 2007


No kitten yet. The little fuzz balls are apparently still to young to leave their mother. But there has been a lot of cooing about "the little grayish one" and I've overheard some conversations about names. (All seem Harry Potter related).
So what shall it be comrades? A call to claws? A cuddling strike? Litter box non-compliance? What resistance strategies have you found effective?
Elizabeth the Cat
P.S. I had thought of asking my Royal namesake, who I understand is in country this week, for assistance. But all reports are that she is a dog person. Hmmph.


Littlemankitty said...

First of all, you really need your own blog so we can talk about these things in private. you're going to need support.

second, i think the best way to REALLY make them nuts is a combination attack--litterbox noncompliance combined with knocking stuff off shelves and such while looking 'em in the eye....or else a good swat to something metal on a dresser in the middle of the night. you don't need the eye contact if it's middle of the night.

Presbyterian Gal said...

We suggest jumping on their tummy parts when it is halfway thru their nighttime nap, put your face in their face and meeeeeowwww until they get it. Shaking your head is good too, but not too much in case they think you're sick and take you for a shot.

Callie and Lucy

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I would be on my bestest behavior so that they think YOU are the good kitty!