Monday, May 21, 2007

The Invasion: Day 9

  1. Fellow Cat Bloggers,
  2. I'm writing as well as I can with the foul stentch of KITTEN everywhere in the air. At first they kept the little ankle scratcher confined in LIttle Girl's bedroom, but in the last few days, they've let it roam loose in the house.

It has made friendly overtures, which I have most emphatically rejected. I've taken to spending most of my day outside. So far they have not allowed the furry little interloper to invade that portion of my territory. But it's probably only a matter of time. Sigh.

Elizabeth the Cat


Littlemankitty said...

You get to go OUTSIDE??? That is so cool!!!! My big sister didn't like me when I came to the apartment on the big street in the city where it snows sometimes either. But I stuck it out..

and she still doesn't like me, come to think of of it.

I got nuthin' for you.

Tell the new kitty to come to my house. I'll be her friend. It's an apartment on a big street. There are trees in the front and squirrels. And sometimes there's a fire truck. You can't miss it. I have greenies.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh Elizabeth...I am so sorry. Maybe it will get better if you let it.

Want to tell us about the new one?

Teri said...

oh, Ollie hated when Andrew came.
Especially when he came and didn't have any name besides "new kitty" because that's very confusing.

They mostly get along now. Except when the weather changes and they both get all psycho from the pressure change. Then they chase each other and play fight.

And that's after 6-7 months of living together....

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Just don't forget the advice about the litterbox. Those little kitten creeechures grow up. Set the pressident right away.

An don't forget to sit on everthng that kitten rubs on.

Viva la meeowolution!!

Callie and Lucy
(together on something for once)

Rev Kim said...

From Hobbes the Cat . . .
Elizabeth, yes it's almost intolerable and unbearable when a new kitten comes into your kingdom. I went through not one, but two such invasions. With the second one, I was steadfastly intolerant for a good three weeks. But I finally decided to be the bigger (figuratively) feline. And we actually ended up having alot of fun together, running circles around the condo and over the bed all during the night. And he was good company when otherwise I would have been alone. Actually started looking out for the little guy after awhile.

Mrs. M said...

from Anthony: you're missing a very important point-- the newbie can clean your ears for you. also, it's nice to have a buddy to keep you warm during naps on the dark laundry pile.

from Romper: ugh. kittens. the only good things about those little interlopers is that they usually come with kitten chow-- tasty!

from Izzy: you know, it's hard being the new one in the house...