Thursday, June 30, 2005

Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi

My mother in law arrives this afternoon. This means that, after doing VBS this morning I have only two more hours to whip this house into some semblance of order. If you've ever been in my house, you know that "semblance" is a very, very vague concept around here and "order", well--let's just not even go there.

My husband tried to reassure me last night. He said his home growing up was far from spotless. I reposited that this was because he was one of ten children and I didn't have that excuse. He hypothisized that being a working mother of two was perhaps equivalent to being a stay at home mother of ten. Only a Dad would say such a thing.

The thing is that, working mom or not, I am just not hard wired for tidiness. I'm not lazy, but my house/apartment/dorm room has always been a combination of disaster area and public health hazzard. I don't care what Tom Cruise says, if there were a drug I could take to make this go away, I would gladly take it.

When we visited my sister in Mobile, my kids expressed the desire to move to her house. "Everything here is clean and smooth!" said my five year old daughter. As opposed to our place, I suppose.

"Use the Force, Luke" Well, I'll try. At least maybe I can find the clean sheets before the plane touches down.


Songbird said...

We were talking about just this thing over at reverendmother's place. I don't know if you will gain cleaning power from the fact that you are not alone, but at least you will know that your sisters in ministry struggle with the same matters!

reverendmother said...

Ha, Songbird! I just came in to comment the same thing!

I'm still riding high from all the camaraderie over there. Untidy women of the world, unite!

PPB said...

clean sheets, clean toilet, clean bathroom sink.....the rest is just icing.

What Now? said...

I'd add washed dishes and, if applicable, scooped-out catbox to PPB's list, but then I agree that everything else is pleasant but unnecessary.

LutheranChik said...

I will admit to striving for an antiseptic bathroom, but that's about as good as it gets at my house. IMHO clutter is the hallmark of a creative and multifaceted individual...and feel free to quote me.;-)