Sunday, June 19, 2005

funniest vacation moment #2

Visits to my parents' church are some of the few opportunities I get to pew sit. This is the church where I was confirmed at age twelve, where I was an officer in the high school youth group many moons ago. My old pastor from back in the day retired about seven years ago. His successor has led the church in a more evangelical direction--enough so that if I were to relocate here as a layperson, I might well choose to go somewhere else. Today he preached a Promise Keepers-inspired sermon about the importance of christian fatherhood. I allowed my mind to wander just a tad, checking out how old my former Sunday school teachers look these days, admiring the new pipe organ. The preacher began to drive home his main point: fathers have a sacred responsibility to provide their children an example of a godly life. At that instant I glanced over at my own father----who was providing me a godly example by sleeping soundly through the whole thing.


Friday Mom said...

LOL! One of the nearby palatial baptist churches had on their marquis "Fathers are the foundation of the family." I thought, okay, you get points for the nice alliteration, but there's no way I'm darkening the door of your church this Sunday! Not that I have anything against fathers. I had two who were outstanding. I just know where they're headed with that whole foundation idea and it isn't where I am.

PPB said...


St. Casserole said...

Hahahaha! Great post. Father's Day is too easy as a preaching topic.
I used the Matthew 10 text which was difficult. But, I don't preach on the topics of Mother's or Father's Day. I may pray about it in the pastoral prayer but sure don't use civic days as sermon topics.
P.S. I like your Dad very much. He has the good sense to relax in worship and tune out "noise".

What Now? said...

Hmm, maybe this is the approach that I should be taking to sermons that I dislike? It would be much healthier than fuming, which I sometimes do, and more Sabbath-y than making "to do" lists, which is my other coping strategy.

Songbird said...

I gave Father's Day a glancing mention in preaching on Genesis 21--"boy, that Abraham, not a great story for Father's Day, is he?" (though a bit better-written, I hope).
Your dad had good reason for a nap, it sounds like.