Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So what's with the name

Pure Christian I Think is one possible interpretation of my full name. My first name means "pure", my middle name means Christian, my last name is Latin for "I think", (or so I've been told--I took German). I've always thought it was the perfect name for a sort of quirky, half Jewish Presbyterian. (The Italian last name is really an Italianization of the Jewish last name my grandmother was eager to jettison upon arrival in the US following WWII). Probably the reason I hung onto the last name after marriage--even more than wanting to make some big feminist point. My husband's last name is Becker, which means either Baker or Beeker,(as in a one of those big beer mugs), depending upon which name book you look in. Pure Christian Beer Mug has sort of a ring to it, but .............

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