Monday, May 30, 2005

On the Market

Whatever my little church decides to do next one thing seems pretty clear. They can't afford to pay me for more than another couple of months. Which means ..............Yippy Skippy! I'm out in the job market again. Not that I'm totally devestaed, mind you. Even if the church's finances weren't in Toiletsville, I was beginning to feel those little stirrings that hint maybe it's time to move on. Actually several good, long-time friends and colleagues whose judgement I trust a great deal have been practically screaming this at me for months. However, things have gotten manifestly more complicated than they were the last time I was "out there" seven years ago.

1. Back them my husband was in a job he didn't mind walking away from. Now he is in a job he likes a lot and in which he is valued by the higher ups who are hinting at greater things. We need to be within a daily commute of this job--or be willing to set up two households and commute between them. Ick.

2. Seven years ago I had one child, a toddler, who didn't care where we lived. Hey, when you're a baby every day is a new adventure, right? Now I have two school-age kids with social connections that are important to them. I moved frequently as a child so I'm ultra-hyper sensetive to the impact of relocation on kids. I contemplate it only with fear and trembling.

3. I'm forty instead of 33. I'm acutely aware that I don't get as many "do-overs" at this stage of life. It seems like there is a lot more a stake this time.

Combine this with the reality that, in spite of all the social changes of the past 25 years, the call system in the Presbyterian Church still pretty much assumes a one career household willing and able to move anywhere in the country. If you are a pastor in a two career household needing to stay in a particular metro area, you are at a huge disadvantage.

So, I don't know. Maybe God has something wonderful in mind--or maybe I'll end up selling sweaters at Target. We'll just have to see.


PPB said...

selling sweaters at Target does have its advantages. You might get Sundays off! Just kidding. Job hunting sucks. This I know. I hope that it gets better for you and maybe there's a fabulous job around the corner!

St. Casserole said...

Glad to find your blog. I'm Presbyterian clergy, too. My husband is in a local business. I've been in the same presbytery for 20 years or so. I take places others would ignore but have found wonderful joy in small churches. Our children have grown up in one neighborhood, gone to near-by schools and not been uprooted by my ministry.
I'll be interested to read how all this turns out for you. The presby call system doesn't work as well for us, does it?

Friday Mom said...

Best wishes with the call process. Good to see you have an alternative plan! My fallback is Starbucks.