Saturday, May 28, 2005

Memorial Daze

Okay. I'm back. More or less. Spent most of the week in sort of a funk about what's up with my church. Finally, as the long weekend approached I started to lift a little. I think I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and help my folks think creatively about what comes next. I think there are a few things we could do rather than simply close in defeat and despair. The danger right now is that folks are discouraged and mad and seeking to cast blame somewhere so there is the big chance they won't pull together to look at possibilities. Some of the options I see, (cooperative venture with a larger church, closing but using assets to start fund for community ministry, use our location as base for developing a new kind of congregation) are options I've held out to them before the situation got this critical. However they are fiercely independent folks and prefered to pursue options that held out the hope of continued autonomy. Maybe now that this is truly and obviously impossible, they'll be able to be more open to these alternatives.

My parish associate and I are preaching on the Genesis lections this summer. I'm going to point out that many scholars agree that Genesis went through its final edit during the exile--during the time when the children of Israel were struggling to cope with the loss of their land and temple and everything that had given them their identity. Examining their beginnings was a way of trying to find meaning and a way forward. Maybe this can help us as we look to a very different future.

Okay--different subject. I know I'm not the most tech savy person in the universe, but I can usually figure computer things out if I apply myself. However, after repeated attempts, I can't figure out how to make the links part of this blog thing work. I think I'm following the directions correctly, but still no dice. Any advice or instructions from veteran bloggers?


Friday Mom said...

Just followed your comment from PPB's blog. Welcome to the blogosphere. There's a bunch of us clergywomen who read and comment on each other's blogs. Hope you'll join us.

You're off to a great start here. I'm enjoying your reflections on the challenges of pastoring a struggling congregation. Important work for which there is a great deal of room for creative reflection and new solutions.

I look forward to reading more.

Julie VW said...


If you wanted to link to google, it would look like this . . .

>a href =""< google >/a<

EXCEPT . . . you'd need to reverse all the > and < symblos to face the other way.

To link to something other than google, just put a different address and a different name of the link.

If that's overly confusing do a web search for "Easy HTML" or "HTML tutorial"

PPB said...

If you want to link to other blogs, the easiest way by far is to go to and get a blog roll. Then you add all the blogs you like, and it gives you a little bit and html and tells you exactly where to paste it. It's very easy to add and delete blogs from there. i did it the old fashioned way first, and then discovered this microwave version!

Glad you find my blog, and glad I found yours! Welcome to the club (and I'm a presbyterian, too--although I'm an ordained presby who actually sits in a pew!)