Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We need a Word for it.

One of my best RevGal friends hereabouts is a woman who was the Associate Pastor at this church for about nine years a decade or so ago and now serves as pastor of a church about 45 minutes away. She's often able to give me history and insights on people and situations here; I bring her news of her old friends.

While lunching with her last week, I remembered a conversation I'd had with a group of pastors a few years back. There happened to be several of us at that particular gathering who had served the same congregations at different times--sometimes decades apart. We all agreed that there should be a name for pastors who have served the same congregation but at different times. It's a unique kind of relationship--sort of like in-laws, but not exactly. Maybe more like two people who both dated the same person but at different times. But that's not exactly right either.

What would you call it?


Presbyterian Gal said...

Since someone who comes ahead is a "forerunner", how about "Past-or-runner".

*pause to listen to sound of crickets*

Anitra said...

I get this actually. I had an opportunity to participate in a 100 yr anniversary of the church where I interned and it was cool to meet a lot of folks I had heard about and I did feel a particular bond because of knowing their history. I'm not sure how it works looking downstream though...


SpookyRach said...