Thursday, July 26, 2007

Multiple Intelligences

In this corner:
Two pastors and one church custodian. Two MDivs, 19 years of combined pastoral ministry, 25 year track record of custodial experience.

In the other corner: A dunk tank borrowed from the local Rotary Club for our church summer picnic. Some assembly required.

4 hours, much head scratching, some swearing, breaks for internet searches and cold water then finally . . .


How was your day?


Presbyterian Gal said...

Yay for figuring out that tank!! I suspect lots of fun will be had on that day.

Today Wonderboy had a really fun playdate with the twins, friends from preschool days. And I had a lovely visit with their dad. Plus I had time to make WW chocolate muffins. Yummy. And only 3 points each.

(pictures of the dunkings hereby requested)

Anitra said...

today I finished up a brochure for an upcoming conference - destined to arrive in many of your mailboxes in the next few weeks. It was the usual creative process: I have brilliant ideas and the folks who sign the checks have other ideas. And it turns out those are also good ideas although I'm not always excited about it at the time.

Not as much fun as dunk tanks IMHO

ellbee said...

My first introduction to a PC(USA) church was at a picnic with a dunk tank. Coming from a dunking-church background,I didn't immediately cathch the irony of the pastor who sprinkles babies at baptisms being the dunkee...

Mrs. M said...

I'm giggling at the image. Thank you!