Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yet another shoe story

Today my husband called me mid morning from work and told me to go look in our closet. "See my pair of loafers?" he asked.

"I see one black loafer and one brown loafer," I replied.

"Exactly. I'm wearing the other black loafer and the other brown loafer right now. I just noticed," he responded.

This time I blame the rain we've been having in Oregon. It's been so dang dark in the mornings that even with the light on you can barely see to get dressed properly.

I'd say this sheds a whole new light on God's command to Moses, "Take off your shoes!" God may have intended this as a command to abandon the confused mind that either pays too much attention to externals or is too distracted to pay attention to something as basic as getting dressed.


Songbird said...

The Princess went to school wearing one of my boots and one of hers last Friday. I needed mine to walk the dogs, so I went to the school. I found her in the computer lab and said, "Did you notice anything about your boots?" :-)

Quotidian Grace said...

I was already at work last week when I looked down and saw I had one navy and one black shoe on. They were the same style shoe--that's my excuse.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~laffin so hard~ That was funny! And sounds just like something I would do.

PLEASE send your rain here!!

SpookyRach said...

Tomorrow is day 86 with no rain, which will break and 83 year old record.

I'm movin' to Oregon before the static electricity causes me to spontenously combust.

peripateticpolarbear said...

My sister did this on a job interview once.

Apostle John said...

I remember when I was in high school. I'd gotten dressed in the dark, I guess. I wore a black shoe and a brown one. When someone noticed it, I simply said, "Of course, it's the latest thing in New York City."

The next day 4 other students wore mixed shoes.