Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Rule of 4

Katherine tagged the RevGals for this meme--so if you haven't read hers, consider yourself tagged.

4 Jobs I have had
A long and distinguished career as a babysitter
Donut dipper in the breakfast line at my college dining hall
Library assistant in middle school, high school, college and seminary. If I hadn't gone into ministry, I would probably have been a librarian. I still have to rein in my tendancy toward "pastoral care through prescribed reading". It works with only a small percentage of bookish people.
Temp as an office worker at Ralph Lauren for a month post seminary/pre first call.

4 movies I could watch over and over
The Wizard of Oz
Marry Poppins
Monty Python's Holy Grail
The Turning Point

4 places I have lived
Athens, Greece
Zagreb, Yugoslavia
Cambridgeshire, England
New York City

4 TV shows I like
MASH reruns
Mustard Pancakes
News Hour on PBS
Antiques Roadshow

4 places I have been on vacation
Lots of places in Europe
My own backyard
Visits to family (Gulf Coast) and in-laws (Iowa)
Fremont, Ohio-every summer of my childhood to visit my grandparents

4 Websites I visit daily
Northumbria Community

4 favorite foods
home made cookies of almost any kind
fresh, hot bagels
shrimp curry
pesto at mid summer peak basil season

4 places I'd rather be
Done with this upcoming move!!!!!
My grandma's house (grandma dead these 11 years, not going to happen)
Hanging out with old friends

4 people I tag for this meme
See beginning of post . . .

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Katherine said...

You have lived some COOL places!

Thanks so much for playing- this fours meme has been spreading like wildfire, and its a good one.