Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sermon or Shoes??

So this weekend is the big weekend. We go down to California for me to preach to for my congregation-to-be, for me to meet the people, the staff, the church officers. Then the next day I get examined by my would-be new Presbytery to see if I am orthodox enough for them.

So what am I pondering? What weighs heavily on my mind? Shoes. During the past six years of small church ministry/mother of preschoolers time, my shoe situation has deteriorated drastically. I have some black pumps my mother bought for herself then decided she didn't like, some blue pumps I bought to wear to a friend's wedding in 1993, three pairs of variously colored flats that another friend gave me when she cleaned out her closets, two pairs of sneakers purchased at rummage sales and some sandals ordered through the overstock catalogue from Land's End. And some very, very old Birkenstocks. It's baaaaaad.

I need to write a really kick-ass sermon for this Sunday, right? But part of me is saying, "Sermon, Shmermon . . . you need to hit the mall, girl or you are going to really embarrass yourself." There's really not time to do both.

What's a RevGal to do??


reverendmother said...

Funny, my first thought was "hook up with Pink Shoes from the Pulpit and see if you can borrow some of hers."

Something borrowed from a RevGal... sure to bring you good luck, er, good providence.

SpookyRach said...

Steer clear of the flats, I'm thinking.

I guess Converse high-tops are out of the question?

Quotidian Grace said...

Cowboy boots with ministerial robes would make quite a statement!

Songbird said...

These gals are not helping you! You need St. Casserole, who has me wearing lipstick again and reapplying it throughout the day!
My mother always said you could tell a lady by the condition of her shoes, so it is a relief that she cannot see most of mine.
I think shopping for a new pair of priestly pumps sounds like a fine idea. Consider it an investment in the future. On What Not to Wear they always tell the dubious women that heels are not uncomfortable when you buy a really wellmade pair of shoes.

LutheranChik said...

I second the priestly pumps...even though I am not a priest (except in the broad, -of-all-believers sense;-)), I have a pair of pumps -- from my favorite designer, the House of Meijer;-) -- stylish but not in a dated way, conservative but with a bit of flair -- that I reserve for "Take me seriously" times.

Actually, my favorite churchly footwear are my favorite ankle boots, but we're a pretty casual bunch at our church. And my pastor is inclined to wear work boots, which, while having a certain metaphorical appeal, might not be a good choice in your situation.:-D

Jane Ellen+ said...

For the record: my favorite preachin' shoes are a pair of black cowboy boots, which have been worn in the pulpit on any number of occasions.

That being said, I'm with Songbird on this one. Your mind will be more on your sermon, and receptive to the Word God chooses to give you for that congregation, if you are not preoccupied over what's on your feet. Hit the mall, and then stand and deliver!

peripateticpolarbear said...

Get the perfect shoes. They will be a confidence booster. Trust me. I'm a career counselor. The sermon will come. Also, you can work on the sermon up to the last minute, and you really can't pull off a last minute shoe hunt.

nycmom said...

Yes, some non-offensive basic pumps with maybe a 1-2" heel, no matter what you might like to wear. And let them be in good condition and therefore unremarkable.

I speak as someone who often has shoes which are not right for the outfit, or not in great shape and I hate to go shoe-shopping. But I sat in court this morning in a row full of men with heavy, well-polished shoes and felt uncomfortable because my shoes (lovely two-tone patterned shoes with a little bow and which I love) are getting beat up and need polish. On the other hand, from where the judge sits, I don't think he can see my shoes under the table.

mark said...

Well, seeing as how I wear liturgically colored sneakers, I'm not sure I'm the best person to give advice here... But I trust Songbird and Lutheran Chik and PPB. They are wise women. Get yourself some good shoes, because you know if you don't you'll be freaking out that people are staring at your feet all day, wondering why this pastor can't afford good shoes or has a minimal grasp of personal style. That way, you will not be worrying about your shoes, and you'll be able to preach the heck out of that sermon.

cheesehead said...

My usual preaching shoes are a pair of Stuart Weitzman low-heeled pumps I found on clearance for $35, though they normally retail for about $300. I feel so dang smart when I slip those babies on!

My advice: look for shoes that make you feel smart, no matter what price point you're talking about. Then preach it, sister!