Monday, August 04, 2008

How I Got A Garmin

My husband had a Garmin gps system in his car. He is a regional sales manager with a multi-state territory, so he regularly visits customers in unfamiliar cities--so he decided it was worth it to purchase one even though this was out of pocket and not covered by his employer.

Several days ago he reported that the gps system was not functioning. At all. It appeared to be totally kaput. He had tried several things to fix it, but to no avail. Worse, he was one week past the one year warranty on the thing.

I made several tentative suggestions about other things he might try. These were met with the curt reminder that he had been using this system every day for more than a year and I had never personally used it at all, so I should butt out.

Which I did.

Later my spouse reported that he had called the local Garmin store and discovered that the cost of gps technology has dropped dramatically in the last year. For the cost of having the old Garmin fixed, he would be more than half-way to the cost of their newest, spiffiest model.

I said hmmmmm.

A few hours after this, my husband came home with the new system.

That night, I cradled the old Garmin in my hands--thinking, thinking. I went on-line. Googled "Garmin gps systems--troubleshooting" and by following the instructions on the first entry of the first website in the search results was able to discover that prying off the face plate with a pen knife and pushing the reset button would likely solve the problem.

It did.

Now I have a functioning--if old model--Garmin gps system in my car.



Presbyterian Gal said...

That totally rocks!

Amy Maxwell said...

Well done. Plus... that'll preach. ;)

Mary Beth said...

You - Go!

DogBlogger said...

heeheeheeheehee! Go, you!

St. Casserole said...

Very smart of you! and it's funny!

Anonymous said...

I LOVEEEEEE my GPS system.You're going to love it.