Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sighs and Snorts

As an observer at GA, one sits with folks who are not being as careful and guarded in their responses to what's being discussed as the comissioners who have to work together all week.

As I've sat through committee hearings and now in plenary, I'm discerning a great spiritual difference between sighs and snorts. When someone near me sighs deeply at something that just transpired, the prevailing feeling I get from them is lament or deep frustration--both of which can be prayerful responses to something. A sigh seems like something the Holy Spirit can enter into and shape for God's purposes.

But with a snort the sense that prevades the atmosphere is contempt. "I despise that person who just spoke and everything they stand for". Room for the Spirit? Not so much.


SpookyRach said...

Ouch. Ya stepped on my toe, dang it!

Christine said...

Ain't that the truth!

cheesehead said...

I was in plenary at the last GA, when the PUP vote was taken. We broke into small circles to pray after the vote, and some people were literally sobbing brokenheartedly--so bad that they could not hold hands.

I guess sighs and snorts aren't so bad.

(I was sitting in one committee meeting with a mutual friend of yours and mine and his colleague at the time, and we communicated by texting our eye rolls back and forth. I guess you'd call that virtual disgust!)

Brittany said...

Oooh! I was sitting in the observer section of GA on Thursday afternoon. Not sure if I was one of the offenders or not! Though being my first GA experience it was more likely "what just happened" that came out of my mouth more often than not!

Amy Maxwell said...

Oooh good point.

[p.s. I found you through revgalblogpals]