Monday, September 03, 2007

Varieties of Domestic Experience

Last spring our youth director decided to have a cookie baking night with the youth group. She had the idea that baking together would be good fellowship and that the cookies produced might be taken to shut-ins, etc.

Well, she was stunned at the lack of kitchen experience among our teenagers. It seems many of them were completely unable to follow a recipe, use your most basic cooking implements, or set the controls on a non-microwave type oven. After one batch of dough was finally assembled, our youth director caught one of the girls putting the mixing bowl directly into the oven.

I was very smug upon hearing this report. I bake with my kids regularly. I always have them read the recipe out loud to me, they measure out the ingredients, and they certainly know how plop drop cookies onto a baking pan. If MY kids were old enough for youth group, THEY would have been able to take charge. HMPH!

However . . . the other night we went out for Sushi. My husband ordered saki. At one point my daughter exclaimed,

"Gosh, dad! You're drinking a lot of that!"

"Not really," I pointed out. "That saki cup isn't much bigger than a thimble."

Whereupon my kids asked in unison:


My grandma would be so ashamed.


ppb said...

I know what a thimble is, but I don't think it's nearly as important as how to bake cookies without putting the mixing bowl in the oven!

Ringelstruempfe said...

I had an idea, what it could be but to be honest I had to look it up in my dictionary to be certain. (I think I could live here for hundred years and would still have to learn new vocabulary. Sigh!)
Our son is too small to read but he can bake cookies. So maybe next year I'll send him over to help.

Oh, by the way: I finally gave in and also post in English at me new blog now. Wonder how many new words I'll learn through that exercise...

Anitra said...
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