Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feline Ethics

Elizabeth the Cat here.

I am not happy. Repeat--NOT HAPPY.

That kitten is getting bigger and more annoying every second. Here she is stalking me at my second favorite napping spot. It is too hot to go outside and enjoy my first favorite spot under the grapefruit tree.

I need your advice on a matter of ethics. I am not a pacifist. How much violence is permissable in this situation?


Littlemankitty said...

None! New Kitties need love!!!!!!

Elaine said...

Thou shalt not kill.

Norman, OK

Rev. Dulce said...

Hissing is permitted and threatening gestures with the paws. Just make sure that you withhold the claws.

Pecking orders keep the peace in kittyland.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Elizabeth the Cat,

I notice that your "the Cat" with a capital C. That tells me that you are the always boss at your house. If the humans will not back you up, I just have one thing to tell you that you already know:

First in the litterbox in the morning = unquestioned boss all day.

Callie the Main Cat

Sue said...

The picture says it all Elizabeth - you remain the Alpha Kitteh in the house. Try to rule with a kind paw.