Saturday, June 16, 2007

In which I discover my true calling

While the people at my house have been busy with "end of the school year" festivities, I snuck out to the movies. I now understand my true vocation and identity: SPIDER CAT.
The Mom of the House says she is very sorry she has not been posting much or responding to your kind "tags" for the Eight Random Things meme. She has been really busy lately. The people are going on vacation soon. I'll bet she will catch up with you then.
Off to practice my web-casting!
Balrog the Kitten


SpookyRach said...

HAAAHAHAHAHA! You rock, balrog!

Have a great vacation, people!

PPB said...

We will NOT be letting LMK look at this page! Even though he has all his claws, he's never tried rappelling, which is good since we rent.

You look like you're very good at it, but you should wear a helmet just in case.

Gannet Girl said...

Be careful, Balrog.

Big Kitty got into the wall when we were having plumbing repairs done and ended up in exactly the position you are demonstrating. We had to call a carpenter friend in the middle of the night to bash a hole though the brand-new bathroom wall to rescue him.

You only have nine of them, you know.

Sue said...

You are a very sweet kitty Balrog. And strong!! It must be those spidey powers keeping you on the screen like that...