Friday, April 27, 2007

Urgent Miaow for Assistance

Psst. Shh. I have snuck to the computer to send you all an URGENT message. My family have been saying the 'K' word. Yes, k-k-k-kitten. That babysitter lady, who I thought was my friend, has a passle of the horrible creatures at her house. They are going to see them later this afternoon. See. Yeah, right. Like, "Warning: Coming Soon to Your Personal Feline Territory, one usurping, fluffly little intruder."

My fellow cat bloggers. You must come to my aid. Bend all your psychic cat energy toward preventing this from happening. Or, if that fails, help me escape.

Elizabeth the Cat


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

But Elizabeth....wouldn't it be nice to have a kitten that would worship you and look up to you???

Someone you could bat around when no one was looking?

Presbyterian Gal said...

Princess speaks good catvice. And summer is coming!! You cud teach it to give you a bath and then it will have your hairballs!!!!!
Callie and Lucy

Ringelstruempfe said...

Poor you! Fight her off!

Songbird said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Once we had a kitten.
I was very jealous.
Then something bad happened to the kitten with one of those big metal machines the people drive.
I was very sad.
Kittens aren't all bad.
Your friend,
Puss Puss

Littlemankitty said...

kittens are fun! we lick you and jump on your back and steal your food and worship you and get really jealous if you get attention from the humans! we are cool! i want a kitten! um, well, maybe not so much, because i don't like to share, but YOU should want a kitten.

maybe you could start a blog to share your inmost feelings.

Hedwyg said...

Awww... poor Elizabeth! Suzy the Beagle Huntress was very upset when Her Grace, the Lady Raven Mudpaw von Wigglesbutt arrived at our house. Suzy had reached a dignified adult age, and Raven was soooooo playful and silly. But now they are friends, and wouldn't have it any other way. I hope it will be the same for you.

Sue said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Remember we were all kittens once too. You may need to be patient while it grows up a bit, but then you might even like her/him.

Truffle and Ouzo

St. Casserole said...

Fish the Kitten here:

Don't be like Andy and beat up new kittens. Instead, teach them to follow you around, at a distance. Get them to do your chores, clean up after you and bring you treats.

What am I saying? We do this for Andy...

Good luck. Maybe they'll forget about the kitten. Or get you a dog for a nanny like our Sister.

Fish, your pal across the miles

PPB said...

So.....did you get a kitten or not?