Monday, March 12, 2007

My Day Off So Far

It's my day off, but I agreed to a morning Starbucks gathering with two other clergywomen to brainstorm about a presentation we are giving together next month. A fourth clergywoman was supposed to join us, but she declined to meet on what it turns out is also her day off.

The gathering began with the convener going on a bit of a rant about clergywoman #4 and her refusal to meet with us on her day off. Speculative comments about her character ensued. Opinions about her job not being really all that demanding were floated. Me and my other colleague listened to this awkwardly and then changed the subject quickly. We are both invited to the bris tomorrow for the newborn son of the Cantor at the local synagogue. Neither of us has been to one before so we were comparing our ignorance of what to expect and wondering whether we should bring a present for the baby.

Grumpy Convener listened to us twitter about this for five minutes or so and then said rather loudly,
"Well, to change the subject from penises to the reason we're here this morning . . ."

So how is your day going???? And btw are you supposed to bring a baby present to a bris?


Ringelstruempfe said...

"Great" day off...
Since a lot of parents of jewish heritage don't have baby showers giving a present at the bris would be fine (if you want to give one). Afterall it's the naming ceremonie.
Enjoy the service (or at least the outlook of great food afterwards...)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

LMAO....she is a tactful one isn't she??

Quotidian Grace said...

Oh, man, Grumpy Convener must be under a lot of stress methinks.

I do think you bring a gift to a bris--sort of like a baptism or baby dedication.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Don't know the Miss Manners or rather in this case Miss Mannersteins rules, but considering what's involved, I would think a gift is in order. For the Mother who has to watch this removal of something she's spent nine months nourishing! and for the Father who will wince in sympathetic pain with his son!

Hedwyg said...

LOL - I'll have to remember that line to use sometime. On one of my sillier days, I told a great penis story, also involving clergy, in my blog.

I hope you, um, enjoy the bris. Or, as has already been said, at least the great food. That said, I don't know if there is any inappropriate time to bring a gift for a baby (but not saying anything about gifts that may be inappropriate).

Sophia said...

A bris is definitely something you can bring a baby gift to. As far as the actual event, it happens fast, you don't have to watch, and the rest should be a joyful celebration of the new baby. Be impressed by the mom, who will be there being sociable on just the 8th day after giving birth. My best friend did it on the 8th day after a c-section.