Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Group worth joining . . .

From one of those collections of "church bulletin bloopers" :

Dedication and commencement of Ecumenical Stud Groups on the theme “Growing Together.”

from a church newsletter, Greater Manchester, England (They meant to write “Study Groups.”)

Hat tip to my sister for bringing this to my attention.


Kathryn said...

Ecumencial studs, no less! That sounds really exciting.
As does one that my friend Mark sent me
"The meeting with be gin with prayer"
My kind of meeting, definitely ;-)

Gord said...

NOw then, many churches are lacking in men. HOw many more might come if they knew they would be eligible for a stud group???

Presbyterian Gal said...


and thank you, kathryn, "gin with prayer" ? would that help wash down the Viagra?

(oh....I be very bad today, sorry).

SpookyRach said...

That was good. But not as good as Mrs. Betts!!! You are my hero.