Thursday, August 17, 2006

plate spinning and sword juggling

Hi everyone,
I'm back from my journeys and trying to get my sea legs again. Part of the challenge is that the winds of changea are blowing. I haven't blogged about this much, but since I arrived here nearly six months ago the original custodian, office manager, music director and Associate Pastor have all moved on. Most of these were changes that were anticipated before I arrived, so it's not like I didn't know they were on the horizon. Still, we are in the middle of a Choir Director search and pulling together an Interim Assoicate search group--at the same time that we are ramping up for the beginning of the Sunday School year. So if my blog seems strangely silent, it's not because I've forgotten you all. I'm just up to my eyeballs. I'll keep you all posted when I can. If you know any potential Choir Directors or Interim APs send them our way!


peripateticpolarbear said...

I might. But I have lost your email and it's not on your blog. Email me? ppolarbear at comcast dot net

revabi said...

Know where you are at. Everybody left before I got here, and am in the middle of the searches. Only been able to hire the Youth Minister so far and am really pleased with her. Hope all goes well.