Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cautionary tale #2

3 tickets to Gulf Coastal parental home---around $1200.

1 bottle industrial strength mosquito repellant---about $6.98

Another opportunity to remind the sister eight years younger than you, in front of witnesses, that when she visited your new home two months ago several people asked, "Now which of you is older?"----Priceless.

And therein lies another cautionary tale for any of you youngsters reading this: In your teens, if you have a choice between being an indoorsy, bookish nerd or a hot, bikini clad, coconut oil slathered beach bunny, you may want to look beyond obvious short term benefits to how your choice might play out skin-wise twenty years down the line. You may discover in your thirties that even if you work out like a maniac and have a bod to die for, you can't change the fact that from the neck up you don't look much different from your forty-something big sister.

Sunscreen! Or better yet, stay inside and read a book.


Anonymous said...

Can I get a bookish, hot, bikini clad, coconut oil slathered beach bunny?

Hope springs eternal.

revabi said...

Too funny, but true, funny, but true. Having a mom that was a RN we weren't allowed to do the suntan thing. So even if I did get some sun it was a whole lot later in the day. Have fun getting your sister. and have a great visit.

SpookyRach said...

[looks up from book long enough to applaud, then goes back to reading]