Friday, June 16, 2006

Soccer to Session in Twenty Minutes

I have been very much enjoying Peacebang's Beauty Tips for Ministers. Check it out right away if you have not already. However, I would appreciate it if someone out there with more fashion savvy than I have would start a Beauty Tips for Clergy Moms column. As much as I appreciate Peacebang's wisdom, I just can't figure out how to put her advice into action when, after waking, feeding and turning out two elementary schoolers in presentable clothes each morning, I have about 7 minutes to spend on my own morning beauty/fashion routine. Also hard to know how to dress stylishly yet practically for a day that includes staff meetings, hospital visits, soccer practice, dinner preparation, and an evening committee meeting. For years, I just sort of gave up. But now that I'm in a slightly higher profile church, I'm feeling the need to TAKE STEPS.

Anyone have any great ideas???


SpookyRach said...

Um... the black and white Converses?

I got nuthin. I dress like a thrift store reject.

Songbird said...

A shopping trip with St. Casserole. It's too bad you aren't at GA and able to take a field trip with her. I bought my first two jackets in many years under her wise guidance, and now I feel confident enough to pick things out myself.
Have you tried a change of shoes in the back seat of the car?

Purechristianithink said...

Songbird--Actually, yes. Also quick costume changes in the church bathroom.

Stacey said...

I'm not a mom, but I do tend to have a wide variety of daily activities and high mess potential. I recommend layers. Trousers, shell or nice suiting t-shirt, jacket, and good accessories for the staff meeting and hospital visits. Jacket off and perhaps a change of shoes for soccer practice and meal prep. Jacket or a cardigan back on for the committee meeting (closed for stain coverage, perhaps).

And if possible, by all means, get thee to a shopping trip with St. Casserole.

Sue said...

Thanks for the link to Peacebang -- I love it!

My young'uns are all grown up now, so I'm not sure that I'm much help to you.

I rely on a good jacket to dress up whatever I happen to be wearing. I too would like to shop with St. C for my next big clothing purchases. Perhaps this could be the focus of our first RevGal gathering :)

Bro. Bartleby said...

We solved that long ago, simple robe, rope around waist, but the new craze around the monastery is Bro. Clarence's new woven yucca sandals.

Lorna said...

Maybe St C could help me too :) I did buy 3 pairs of nice (petite) trousers in Canada - now being shortened even more ... for my too short legs (sigh) and a couple of nice t-shirt type tops which look great with / without a jacket.

It's the best I can manage. I'm no shopper and you in the USA /Canada have great stores. We don't. Life isn't fair.