Monday, June 19, 2006

Flash of Insight

A few weeks ago I was experiencing lots of pain in my neck and shoulders. I vaguely attributed this to job-related stress. My colleague gave me a reference to her massage therapist, but then the pain went away and I never made the appointment. I sort of forgot the whole episode.

Then yesterday we all went to Disneyland for a Father's Day treat. As we were coming out of a wild, hairpin turn on the Mulholland Madness mini-coaster, I suddenly felt the pain return. In a blinding flash of insight, I realized that the previous episode of neck/shoulder pain occurred right after our previous Disneyland trip when my sister visited around Memorial Day. (Why, yes. We did get Southern California Resident Annual Passes, why do you ask?)

So--apparently my discomfort had nothing to do with my oh so important and and stressful job and everything to do with going on thrill rides with my children at my advanced age.

Well, shit.


SpookyRach said...

Ha ha ha!

Obviously the stress of heavy responsibility is weighing heavy upon your soul and shoulders. You are so stressed due to the overwhelming importance of your very existance that you have been robbed of the ability to enjoy the thrill rides. Yeah! That's it!

Songbird said...

Oh, that stinks!

Katherine said...

Ha! I got to the end of that post and laughed out loud. Well, shit, indeed!

see-through faith said...


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...


Oh I am so sorry. But maybe you can ask for the senior discount pass next time.

Mata H said...

No! No! It is not advanced age at all! You were having a "good taste" reaction to the excesses of "Pseudo-life by Disney". You are simply allergic to prolonged exposure to pseudo-worlds where all that is not shining, perfect, plastic, in primary colors and predictably functional is destroyed immediately.

So, it's a good thing. :-)