Saturday, May 31, 2008

Signs of Aging

My spouse will be 43 on Monday. Yesterday the eye doctor told him he really needs to start thinking about bifocals.

My colleague and his wife just had a beautiful new baby girl. Another pastor, gushing about how wonderful this is, nudged me and said,"And this will give you a chance to practice your grandmotherly skills."

OUCH! I know, rationally, that at not-quite 44 it is perfectly possible for me to be a grandmother, even with no teen pregnancy involved. But please---since my own kids are still in elementary school, at least allow me the pleasant delusion that people won't be thinking "Pastor Rebel" and "Grandmotherly" at the same time for at least another decade.

That's all.


Songbird said...

Yeah, that does seem to be rushing it a bit.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Hey, I didn't even become a mom till I was older than you!!

There is no such thing as a "normal" age for moms and grandmoms any more. And anyone who sticks on those labels without hard evidence is woefully unenlightened and in great need of our prayers.

Preacher Mom said...

As a fellow 43-year-old, I'd have to say those are fightin' words! LOL!

Teri said...

oh my.
my grandmother became a grandmother (to me, coincidentally), at 44. But I don't think that's normal anymore! At least I don't think so judging from my peers (in the late-20's category)--few of us are married, fewer have kids! oy.

I promise not to think of you as grandmotherly for at least 15 more years. :-) I hope you're still blogging then!

cheesehead said...

I'll be 45 next Wednesday.

(Moment of silence, please...)

I could very well be a grandmother at my age, with no teenage pregnancies involved.

I'm not...and I'm not going to be as far as I know, but my mother was at my age.

I think in five years, when I'm 50, it would be kind of cool. And even that is young.

stf (lorna) said...

I'll be 50 in 2 years and six months minus one day - but who's counting. Oh you are! hah! I'll be happy to be a grandmother WHEN that happens until then I embrace life as it is :)

Gannet Girl said...

The funny thing is that when the time comes (and I'm almost-not-54-anymore) you'll be thinking, Will they please get going?!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I prefer to call them progressive lenses.

Anitra said...

I am now 54 days away from turning 50. Okay, so I'm not dying the hair but its not 100% gray yet either.

I recently encountered a door-to-door salesman (yep, they still exist) trying to get me to buy some rug cleaning solution. "You do want a clean rug for the grandkids, right," he asked as I was shutting the door in his face.

I have no idea if he was able to sell his goods but I'm thinking that this is a very short sales career.