Friday, April 25, 2008

Community Stimulus Package

Our Mission Comm. just presented an idea to our Session that I think could work just about everywhere. We are going to encourage our members to donate a portion (they decide what portion) of their coming economic stimulus tax rebate to local hunger fighting agencies. Without passing judgement on whether we think the economic stimulus package is a good idea or not, we are affirming that a healthy economy depends on healthy communities where the most economically vulnerable are noticed and cared for with compassion. One of the committee members came up with the idea of calling this our "Communitiy Stimulus Package."

I think it would be great if faith communities across the political and theological spectrums could take this up as a way to address the crisis of rising food costs.

Have you heard of other groups doing something like this?


Jane Ellen+ said...

Good for your Mission Committee!

Over in our corner of the faith world, there's a program being put forward by Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation called Give It 4 Good that takes much the same approach.

JWD said...

Yes, our church is doing the same thing. Thanks be to God!

ellbee said...

Brilliant! No way my place is going to think of this on its own. That would require the colliding of two worlds- the one inside the walls and the one outside. Wait, did I type that out loud?

Anonymous said...

This is such a good idea. I'd been wondering who would get this going.

St. Casserole said...

Great idea!