Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Rebel Announces a Recipe Contest

The other night I had dinner with a member of my congregation while my family ate at home without me. When I arrived home, we compared notes. They reported that they had sent out for Chinese takeout. They asked what I'd had to eat.

Well, I said, I had the pot roast and D. had the chicken pot pie.

At this, my seven year old daughter started to giggle uncontrolably.

What? I said. What's funny?

I didn't know there was such a thing as chicken butt pie! she squealed.

Then we all started laughing. Finally we recovered and explained that she had misheard me.

But then I got to thinking: Really, there should be such a thing as Chicken Butt Pie. The world would be a richer, fuller place. So I invite you all to suggest recipes in the comments. Final awards will be made after the cook-off we will certainly schedule at the long hoped for RGBP conference.

Bon Appetite!


zorra said...

Hmm! It would be easy--you could use St. Casserole's chicken pot pie recipe, but all the chicken would have to be those two oval-shaped morsels from the back that are so good. That's close enough to count as chicken butt, as far as I'm concerned. Since that's not really feasible, you could stretch the concept a little and just use up necks, ribs, and backs out of the freezer(at our house that's called the curry bag, since that's usually what we make with it)and then it would be Mostly Chicken Butt Pie.

Turkey Butt Pie would be much easier, since turkey tails actually have a fair amount of meat on them.

Songbird said...

You are all about the Butts these days, aren't you? ;-)

cheesehead said...

Your daughter sounds a little like mine.

When the seven year old gets older, I'll bet you'll have conversations like this one.

I'm just sayin....

hipastorzwife2B said...

Flash used to "pretend bite" us and we'd ask him what we tasted like. The best one ever was
"choc-o-lit cheeeeeese".