Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Five Snow Meme

1. Love it or Hate it?
I love snow in December, January and February. I will tolerate a small amount of snow in late Novemeber or very early March. Snow that falls at Veteran's Day and does not go away until April Fools' Day is not okay with me. Fate has placed me, for most of my life, in places where it snows rarely. It's looking like that trend may continue.

2. First snow memory
Being pulled around the block on my little sled the winter I was three.

3. Best snow day ever
We had gone to Ohio to visit my grandparents right after Christmas. On the day we were supposed to leave, another snowstorm hit. My best friend in Grandma's town and I spent the day building a giant snow hill, then digging a tunnel through it. Weeks later, I received a note from my grandparents that the snow tunnel was just as I had left it.

4. Best us of snow in a song, book or movie.
In the Bleak Midwinter Now stay with me here. Lot's of folks ridicule this song because it's so patently obvious that there would not have been "snow on snow" in Bethlehem. But I don't think geographic accuracy is the point here. It's true incarnational theology. Christ is Emmanuel, God with Us. To those of us who experience Bleak Midwinters in either the climactic or spiritual sense, Christ is born there. That's the point of this song.

5. What will you do today, snow or no snow.
No snow. Typical for Portland, when it is cold enough for snow, it is clear. Moisture comes with warm fronts which heat things up to the point that all we get is rain, rain, rain. Today is clear and cold so I think I will take a walk in the park before the next warm front rolls in.


reverendmother said...

I totally agree about Bleak Midwinter. And thank you for giving me words to explain why it's OK not to be geographically accurate.

Fate has placed me, for most of my life, in places where it snows rarely. It's looking like that trend may continue.

Hmmm... is this a subtle message about a recent interview in a state where the leaves are brown and the sky is grey?

Songbird said...

I'm a fan of the carol, too, both its words and the way the words fall like a gentle snow as the notes descend. It sums up the solstice moment for me, into which the light is reborn.

Inquiring minds definitely want to know more about the subtleties...

Lorna said...

Im with revmother on this- so glad you took time to explain whyit's theologically accurate.

loved the picture of your snow tunnel. my kids liked doing that

we have winter here from November until April - and snow for most of it -it's better when there is snow actually than just dark

we don't have snow days though - kids and teachers and workers go to school whatever the weather

If it's extremely cold -15C or colder, outside manual workers are given inside jobs or sent home - by law if it's -20

kids in play grounds go out until it's -15C too, but little kids - the limit is probably -10C and they are so well dressed it's amazing! It's the kindergarten teachers who freeze though they are well dressed up too

Apostle John said...

Once in a while, I miss the snow. You sure don't see it down here in South Florida.

One of my best memories is waking up to the surprise of snow covering the ground. As a kid, I lvoed it.