Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Link and A Question

A friend in my pastor/theologian seminar is president of www.CrossWalkAmerica.org. a group mobilizing a nationwide effort to spread the word that America contains many serious, devout Christians that are not conservative fundamentalists. They are doing some interesting things and their website is definetly worth a look.

Now the question(s): what is the best way to get this word out? What if you're not a conservative fundamentalist but can't quite get behind all of the "progressive christian" platform either? We often wring our hands over what would happen if all the conservatives or all the liberals pulled out of our denominations--but I read an intriguing comment on another blog recently, "What if all the moderates pulled out? Then how many would be left?"


Songbird said...

Isn't that already happening? I'm not sure what moderate means theologically. If it just means somewhere between the left and the right, I'm not sure where those folks can find a home now. But I just may be in the wrong denomination to see it.
Thanks for the link.

Quotidian Grace said...

Great question. Thanks for the link.

Ciona said...

"What if all the moderates pulled out? Then how many would be left?"

However many of them who weren't right . . . haha! Couldn't resist the pun.

No, that's a good question. We have more moderates who just happen to be less squeaky than the left and right wheels. Hopefully moderates will not shy away but really speak faithfully, as well.